SAPI's Philosophy


  • To investigate paranormal phenomena associated to the existence of life after-death, and related fields.
  • Educate  SAPI Members and the general public as to the nature of life after-death and related fields.
  • Investigate, study, and document phenomena associated with the existence of life afterdeath reported to the SAPI, and report our findings with members of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations. 
  • To have an open-door policy for those individuals who would like to join San Antonio Paranormal Investigations, and are serious about conducting paranormal research under and in accordance with SAPI Rules, Protocols, Scientific Methodologies, and in compliance with ethical and professional standards of conduct.
  • To have a lending library for Members of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations on various subjects of the paranormal.  
  • To keep all SAPI Members well informed on upcoming events, On-Site Investigations, Field Trips, Experiments, and Mothly Meetings.
  • To conduct Monthly Meetings touching basis on a number of topics related to the following phenomena:

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
Telekinesis or Psychokinesis (PK)
Remote Viewing
and any phenomena related to the existence of life after death.

  • To open the floors to all SAPI members and non-members for any questions or concerns that you may have on related topics to the paranormal.


  • To conduct research applying a degree of science using a number of specialized equipment that will help the investigator locate and identify  environmental anomalies cause by the presence of paranormal phenomena associated to the existence of life after-death.
  • To search for a rational realistic explanation before the event is considered paranormal.
  • To apply a percentage of skepticism but always maintain an open mind as to the possibility of the existence of phenomena related to life after-death.
  • Not engaging in any investigation where the presence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and controlled substances are present.
  • Measure the area where anomalous phenomena takes place, and always taking notes of every single detail.
  •  To conduct interviews with those who reported the phenomena and those who are directly involved and witnessed on first hand the presence of anomalous phenomena.
  •  To conduct research about events that took place at the location under investigation and attempt to establish a relation between events from the past as to the events witnessed and reported  in the present.
  • To file and document reports from SAPI Investigators directly and physically involved in On-Site Investigations, Field Trips, Experiments, etc., describing personal experiences, symptoms, and any anomaly relevant to San Antonio Paranormal Investigations.
  • To analyze, examine, and process all material gathered from an On-Site Investigation, Field Trip, Experiment etc., and document any relevant material as to the nature of paranormal phenomena.
  • To keep all material within the boundaries of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations always protecting the  privacy and/or confidentiality of others.



  • To help and assist those who are  undergoing through situations commonly known as paranormal, supernatural (religious term), abnormal, unexplained, etc.
  • To listen to our client's experiences, and understand their emotional distress.
  • Operate San Antonio Paranormal Investigations with the highest humane considerations possible.
  • Offer services free of charge.

Rules and Protocols

Just like any serious and dedicated institution, San Antonio Paranormal Investigations believes in the need of Rules and Protocols. Measures like these not only help the organization perform in a professional manner, it also secures the trust of our Clients, and maintains a solid structure within SAPI and its Members.

  • Do not consume alcoholic beverages before and during an On-Site Investigation.
  • Always conduct your research in a professional, ethical, and methodical manner.
  • Respect private properties, and locations that are closed after operating hours.
  • Approach each case with skepticism but always with an opened mind.
  • Avoid using shiny or reflective objects or jewelry to an On-Site Investigation.
  • Avoid wearing perfumes, cologne, or strong body lotions.
  • Always have a release form signed by the proprietor granting full permission to conduct an On-Site Investigation.
  • Do not violate any Federal, State, or Local Law.
  • Do not bring an outsider (non-member) without full permission of the investigating team and the Director of the SAPI (Guillermo Fuentes).
  • Never rearrange, contaminate, or alter a site where phenomena took place.
  • Never misrepresent San Antonio Paranormal Investigations (SAPI) in any way.
  • Inappropriate conduct within members of the SAPI will not be allowed, accepted and/or tolerated. This behavior includes accusations of wrongdoing, defamation, misleading, disrespect, and other unprofessional behavior. Such violation will result in the termination of your membership without the right of a refund.
  • You as a member of the SAPI should not contact any person whose house or business is or was under investigation by the SAPI. If the member of the SAPI contacts a former client, and information is discussed about the SAPI, you will be declared in full violation of ethics and principals. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of your membership without the possibility of a refund.

  • Avoid confrontations in public with clients, members, etc.

  • Never contradict a client about his/her experience.

  • Never bring devices or equipment not certified by San Antonio Paranormal Investigations (SAPI).

  • Do not bring cell phones, radios, and CD players to an On-Site Investigation.

  • You must bring proper shoes, do not bring sandals.

  • Always conduct yourself with respect in regards to phenomena related to the existence of life after-death.
  • Avoid using foul language before, during, and after an On-Site Investigation.

  • Avoid touching or grabbing people’s property or personal items.

  • Never take property that belongs to our clients or to San Antonio Paranormal Investigations (SAPI); this includes audiocassettes, videocassettes, equipment, batteries, paperwork, etc.

  • Never show to an On-Site Investigation under the influence of prescribed or controlled substances.

  • Never launch an On-Site Investigation if the presence of alcohol is being consumed by our clients.

  • Never initiate an On-Site Investigation without thoroughly examining the location, and without having enough evidence to suggest phenomena associated to the presence of life after-death is taking place.

  • Avoid expressing your religious beliefs to a client and/or to members of the SAPI.

  • The dissection of animals and satanic rituals before, during, and after On-Site Investigations, Field Trips, and Experiments is strictly prohibited.

  • Do not bring any personal equipment to a Private House On-Site Investigation. This includes video cameras, still cameras, audio recorders, or any other device that may jeopardize the exposure of our client's identity or the location of their home or business.
  • San Antonio Paranormal Investigations prohibits all members of the SAPI to share information with third parties (this includes, friends, media sources, writers, schools, or any person that may be considered a third party) of investigations conducted by San Antonio Paranormal Investigations at businesses and/or private houses. Violation of this rule will result in the termination of your membership with the SAPI, without the right to a refund.
  • San Antonio Paranormal Investigations also prohibits the sharing of information between SAPI Members without the adequate authorization of Director of SAPI, Guillermo Fuentes. SAPI Members must fully understand that the results obtained from an On-Site Investigation, Field Trip, Experiments, etc., are strictly for research purposes, and that the unauthorized release and/or sharing of such material (evidence) could end in the hands of other paranormal researchers - jeopardizing SAPI's research.

  • Violation of any of these SAPI Rules and Protocols listed above will result in the Termination of your membership without the benefit of a refund.

A Client's Right to Privacy

As Director of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations, it is my responsibility to do everything possible to protect our Clients’ identities, and keep all information of a Private case confidential. Here are a few measures that SAPI has implemented to protect the privacy of others

  • Personal information is handled by the Director (no one else)
  • Only the Director will contact the Client
  • Address and phone numbers will not be released to the public
  • Substitute names will be utilized to address the case
  • SAPI will not share information with the Media
  • SAPI has no association with other organizations, groups, institutes, and societies involved in the paranormal
  • E-mails are handled by the Director only